Please read the Terms of Service before ordering. Only SFW commissions. The order form can be found here.
All character commissions except “Sketchbook Sketch” are made using digital media. The prices and options below are a guideline, prices may change depending on the request.  Feel free to contact me for a quote using the order form.


Character belongs to mashhic on IG

27 USD - Sketchbook Sketch

A sketch drawn in a single sitting with little cleanup. A simple background can be added for free upon request.

Shipping (optional) - shipping and handling will be charged extra.


Character belongs to pharikhurra

45 USD - Speed Paint [CLOSED]

A colored painted sketch drawn in a single sitting with little cleanup. Full body or bust drawing upon request.


Character belongs to Kerstin LaCross

70 USD - Bust/Badge [CLOSED]

A rendered bust of your character.  A solid color, gradient, or blurred background can be requested. Badge styles with text are also available.


90 USD - Full body [CLOSED]

A rendered drawing of your character that includes the entirety of their body.
Simple or no background
+20 usd per additional character

(the example image was made in 2015, so it does not reflect on my current art accurately)


180 USD - Painted Illustration [CLOSED]

A drawing of your character with a fully rendered background.
+20 usd per additional character